Former Physician Turns Busy Entrepreneurs Into Lean, Mean Profit Building Machines

Hi fellow entrepreneur, I’m Tim Berry MD — your new coach!

Over fifteen years ago, I answered the call of my entrepreneurial spirit and walked away from a successful medical career.

Everyone said I was nuts…

…and they were probably right. A true entrepreneur is a little crazy & has no problem taking risks — especially when it comes to following our hearts and chasing our dreams.

Since leaving medicine, I’ve started numerous businesses.

Some were successful. Others failed.

I’ve earned millions and lost millions.

I’ve made mistakes and learned valuable lessons.

But I finally figured it out…

I am happy. I have a great lifestyle and own a thriving digital marketing agency.

I’m still an entrepreneur, so I’m always coming up with new business ideas and side projects.

The difference now is I figured out how to keep it all balanced and fun, while still enjoying success.

Entrepreneur Coach - Tim Berry MD

What You Will Get From Me…

I help busy entrepreneurs, like you, achieve better performance, faster business growth, and a happier life.

I do this with a short, daily email lesson delivered straight to your inbox. It’s FREE for now, but will likely become a paid newsletter soon.

You will learn to FOCUS better…

I know what you’re thinking — BORING!

Even so, focus is likely the number one reason you are not where you want to be. It will definitely be the number one reason you don’t get to where you want to be as fast as you want to get there.

This daily email process will help!

You will learn to GROW your business faster…

Face it… your business is not growing as fast as you’d like.

You will learn how to achieve more in less time. And I will make sure you consistently spend time on the right activities.

You will learn how to maximize PROFITS…

You gotta eat, right? Entrepreneurs like you and me have a tendency to sacrifice profits NOW with dreams of making more in the future (that’s what we tell ourselves).

But this is backwards thinking!

If you aren’t constantly focused on your profits from the start, your business is already in trouble! Together, we’ll get this fixed!

You will learn to LIVE a happier, more balanced life…

We all want to be happy. That’s ultimately what it’s all about, right? But here’s the problem…

Our happiness is tied directly to our entrepreneurial pursuits.

That’s not to say that we don’t enjoy family, friends, and fun. It just means that we operate differently. We aren’t trying to run away from work. It contributes to our happiness.

But even we need a little help from time to time…

It’s easy to get swept up and consumed by a new idea or project. We can do this with the flip of a switch. One minute we’re walking the dog at the park… the next minute we’re racing home to jot down notes, look up a new domain, and launch a new brain fart.

Vacation to some means disconnecting from everything, while they lay lifeless on the beach, soaking up cancerous UV rays, and dreading that they will ever have to leave and go back to work.

Vacation to us means we have some downtime to get caught up, plan our next steps, and regain our focus. We love vacation and family time, but we love getting back, too.

But don’t worry…

You’ll learn how to balance YOU with everything else in your life, including family, friends, relationships, responsibilities, and fun.

You will have MORE TIME and a HAPPIER LIFE!

What to Do Next…

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